EMS stands for the Electro Muscle Stimulation. From a technical perspective, EMS training is whole-body training based on sending the same electric impulses that the human brain sends when contracting the muscles. Notwithstanding, EMS training can reach and stimulate the deepest fibers of the muscles faster and more effective than the traditional physical workout.

During a 20-minute EMS session, Our technology and well-adjusted frequency of the EMS device can stimulate all the major muscle groups which cannot normally be activated by the traditional workouts. In fact, you’re getting an extra intense training in a short amount of time, whilst moving less.

Just yourself. We provide specialized clothing so you don’t even need to bring gym wear. Trainers are recommended but again, not essential. You can train in your socks or barefoot if you prefer.

Everyone’s physiology is different but our rule of thumb is that after 6 sessions, results become visible.

When you come to a The Body Lab studio you should expect a full body workout in just 20 minutes. 90% of muscle fibers are contracted simultaneously with each and every contraction! As opposed to the conventional weight training also the lower-lying muscles are addressed. Improves the intra- and inter- muscular coordination. Training is particularly intensive and fast.

Yes. Actually, it would be great if you combined both training programs. You just have to make sure that your muscles are recovered after each training session.

In fact, no one needs any special requirements in particular. Every healthy person can make effective use of EMS. EMS training suits all people of all ages and fitness levels. Nevertheless, you just need to fill out a form notifying us of any special conditions that might prevent you from starting your first session.

Almost all people can use EMS training; however, if you have a certain health condition that could prevent you, you need to get approval from your doctor. Unfortunately, people with the following conditions cannot use EMS:

  • Heart pacemaker
  • Pregnancy
  • Severe circulatory disorder & arterial circulatory disorder
  • Abdominal wall or an inguinal hernia
  • Tuberculosis
  • Tumor diseases
  • Arteriosclerosis in advanced stadium
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Severe neurological illnesses (epilepsy, multiple sclerosis)
  • Fever, acute bacterial or viral infections

The Body Lab focuses exclusively on EMS with its studios. We believe so much in this fitness concept, that we do not promote anything else in between. In addition, we allowed our specialization that every customer gets his own personal trainer – a very important aspect for the achievement of the training goals.

In a The Body Lab studio, the trainer focuses 20 minutes only on you. Also, it’s worth mentioning, that the dosage of electrical impulses is individually adjusted as per your body type.

Yes, of course. Even if you have never trained, you can achieve visible and tangible results in a short period of time. After the training, you feel healthier and stronger because it improves the physical performance, endurance, and the maximal strength.

No, never! It is impossible to get an electric shock during the training as our devices send low-frequency current using a battery. The intensity of the generated impulses is maximum 0.05 Watt RMS. Therefore, there’s no concern in this regard at all.

No. According to a number of official studies, there are absolutely no negative side effects for healthy individuals. On the contrary, there are a lot of positive benefits. Electrical muscle stimulation has been widely used as a physiotherapy technique for many years now.

  • Recovery – increase blood flow and remove lactic acid
  • Training – power, endurance, strength, size, etc.
  • Rehabilitation – building and strengthening muscle
  • Prevention – warm-up before exercise
  • Appearance – muscle toning

Yes! We have more EMS machines so we are able to train two people at once. Twice the fun and cheaper sessions. Get in touch with us for details.

YES, for 3 simple reasons:

  • Our EMS device is equipped with a special piece of technology which minimizes the electrical load reaching your body, while maintaining the intensity of the muscle stimulating impulse.
  • Because our most advanced Biosuit allows for free movement, enabling you to perform a wider range of exercises than many other suits.
  • Our specially designed electrodes have a large surface area and excellent conductivity, meaning they distribute the impulses evenly across the entire muscle surface whilst reducing stress on individual muscle sections. Also they are completely wireless, eliminating the restriction of movement.